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Posted: 2012.12.19 10:43 am
by Red
Ho, ho, ho, bitches. I mostly wanted to see if anyone is still checking out the forums.

What's on everyone's wish list this year? Anything embarrassing or life changing?

I'll get the ball rolling. The wife and I are going to forego presents to each other and instead adopt a dog from the humane society after we ring in the new year. Some sort of a lab or lab mix. Preferably one that can be trained to fetch me a beer from the mini fridge.

Re: Christmas

Posted: 2013.01.09 1:29 pm
by Red
No replies - sad this makes me.

I'm going to follow up anyway. The wife and I's belated Christmas gift to each other was a dog. Behold - Gunner!

Intelligent, friendly...and poops. A lot.

Re: Christmas

Posted: 2013.03.07 4:04 am
by Jordan
In the words of Samwise Gamgee, "well, I'm back"!

Re: Christmas

Posted: 2013.03.11 10:19 pm
by Red
Welcome back, son.