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Postby Jeff » 2012.01.30 9:53 pm

Know the cool movie montage where the protagonists have to "get the old team back together"?

Let's do that.

We need to contact some of the old regulars. But we've got some roadblocks:
  1. Facebook is the de-facto way to keep in touch now, but I'm off the grid.
  2. The accuracy and longevity of the original forum email addresses is not something I'd bet on.
  3. How do you even find DoomCraft? Anyone keep up with Mary?

Ideas? Progress? Red, you'd have better luck getting a hold of Kelly, Joe M, and Jordan. I can try to track down Hüva and Shelby. I let Petey know (for what that's worth) and Megan's already been back.

This is probably a fool's errand, but I'm a fool, so it's perfect.
I do what I can.

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Re: Re-recruitment

Postby Red » 2012.01.31 7:14 am

Aye aye. I'll see if I can get them back here.
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