The Seven Year Itch

Who are you? The creepy old men of the forum want to know.
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The Seven Year Itch

Postby Red » 2012.02.08 2:18 pm

I demand everyone reintroduce themselves. It's been 7 years, Father time has given you no choice but to age.

Red updates since the early days of the PTV forums:

-I somehow managed to graduate college
-I somehow managed to get married
-My alcohol tolerance has abated since college..this makes me very sad.
-Besides the statements above not much else has changed. Big whoop, wanna fight about it?
I'd piss Coors if I could. You believe that happy crappy?

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Re: Megan

Postby playswithflowers » 2012.02.08 6:19 pm

I look back at my 2003 self and realize that I was an attention seeking moron who thought she was wayyyyy funnier than she actually is.

Since then, I graduated from UWO with a degree in Visual Journalism and I work at the Beaver Dam Daily Citizen.

Claims to fame:
The New York Times published my photos (twice)
I once got chewed out by a conservative radio host
The WNA (not to be confused with NWA) gave me an award for being awesome (although getting an award from NWA would be even better).

I've had a pile of failed relationships since Joe which made for some very good stories, but very few lessons learned. I'm now dating Tom, he's tall, funny and dorky. No complaints. Well, except for the flatulence.

I wear skirts now. Its weird.

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Re: The Seven Year Itch

Postby Jeff » 2012.02.08 9:15 pm

Bah, you're too damn fast. I was thinking of starting this exact thread today. I made it into a new topic, because the new forum management tools are kickass.

So yeah, my turn:
  • Got hitched.
  • Got a boat.
  • Got a truck.
  • Got another boat.
  • Got a house.
  • Got a son!

These posts seem remarkably terse, given the time elapsed. It's like the forum took a seven year nap a la Ocarina of Time... :link:
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