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Posted: 2004.01.26 10:25 pm
by nermal
Hi everyone, I'm Erin, also known as Clint's girlfriend. If you know Clint you're probably wondering, "does this girl like a challenge or what?" I guess I do, but he is a fun challenge :D . Everybody should really check out all of the videos, they're all great. Clint is the star of Hobo soap, and if it wasn't for me I think he'd still look like that.
Anyways, I live in Oshkosh with Clint, and it's not as bad as he makes it out to be. We have a grand ol' time, being poor and dreaming about the future, as if I'll ever graduate from college. Well, enjoy your time on this site, i also recommend so long!

Posted: 2004.05.26 5:12 pm
by Jeff
Man, Erin also got no replies. Poor girl.

Hello, Erin. Thanks for coming. And thanks for the film fest PR work.