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dismal doll
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Postby dismal doll » 2004.04.20 10:57 am

remember me, friends and....people i haven't met.
shelby helmbrecht hooked me up with this be-atching site and the opportunity to converse, with fellow sick-minded individuals, was impossible to pass up.
so you silly internet social lights, how are you? hope we can be good friends like milo and otis....word.
call me wilhelm if you like.

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Local Legend
Local Legend
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Postby Hüva » 2004.04.24 4:00 pm

My Blog: The Heather Experiment
My LiveJournal: Misery's Haven

october 6, 2005...embrace the foil; fear jeff's power

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As Seen On TV
As Seen On TV
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Postby tennisballs » 2004.04.26 11:04 am

yay for will!
You mean I dont have to drink the entire bottle of liquor to nite?I didn't know I could save it

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