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Another Joe

Posted: 2004.10.25 7:57 am
by JFM
Hello everyone the names Joe aka Joe. Im 18 years old live in mayville, WI.
The only real talent i have is im able to balance a full bottle of Jack Daniels in my stomach.
Also i have a nack for passing out in weird positions and place (under a pine tree in the rain). So thats sorta me.

Posted: 2004.10.25 9:05 pm
by JHGNate
You, sir, are going to have a dead liver by the time you are 25.

Posted: 2004.10.25 9:12 pm
by Red
Welcome to the forum.

Posted: 2004.10.25 9:26 pm
by JFM
Liver What liver im suppose to have one of those? Eh i suppose i had a good run.