America, I shit on thee

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America, I shit on thee

Postby Red » 2003.01.11 4:55 pm

I realize this is a little outdated now, although it presents a valid arguement. I will say the only mistatement I made was that Dodge County is NOT one of the most polluted counties in the country. Damn Breaden's lies.

This country's going to hell and Bush is driving the bus. Why did this asshole get elected in the first place? One word: deception. From the start, everybody thought he was a good guy...hell, even I did. He seemed like he had the right ideas. Then 9/11 came along, and he became an army sargeant. Americans don't understand why every country hates them, which only makes us more nieve. America's like that persisant bully on your playground that no matter what, does not leave you alone, and continues to rape you in the ass. (metaphorically speaking, of course) We see the world's problems as OUR problem, and insist to become part of it. Everybody's business is our business, and so on. Like Nate said, who the fuck cares about AIDS in Africa, anyway? Look at the shit in the world. We should be glad to have world-wide's not a's population control. We can't cure 30 million people with the virus, so why waste a few billion dollars to make their shitty lives last longer? If we concentrated on the real problems in our own country instead of branching out to everywhere else, we'd be a more logical society. Instead, we piss away our already stretched out budget for pointless endeavors that only make the world hate us more. Why don't we work on unemployment, or the economy's recession (and it IS a recession) or pollution? This affects everybody, for example, Dodge County is one of the 10 most polluted counties in the ENTIRE United States. And all because of laws that let companies like Quad Graphics (the main source of the pollution) pollute as much as they want. To me, these are the real problems, and they're much closer to home. I want to shoot half the leaders in our country, because they're giving the nation's youth a shitty country. We're the assholes that'll have to deal with this someday since ignorant wastes of life like Bush run the place. America's not free...America's fucked.
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