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The Geek That Never Sleeps

Postby Jeff » 2005.02.14 4:44 am at it again. I've added a new feature to the DataTiki Forums, News Topics. This special topic type behaves like an Announcement Topic except that it also shows up in another new feature, shownews.php. So from now on, whenever there's a DataTiki update, or an update to a website on the DataTiki Network, you only have one page to go to.

As if that wasn't enough, I've made it even easier. shownews.php is also the new RSS Feed for the DataTiki network. So add our RSS to your Firefox LiveBookmarks, your own site, whatever, and you can check for updates without even coming to the site.

Speaking of RSS, I kind of went crazy and added support for it all over the place. It's not implemented yet, but soon you will be able to subscribe to every public forum here. I'm working on a general RSS feed for the entire forums as well.

So yeah, we're getting somewhere. The XBox section has been delayed indefinately, but it's not something I've given up on entirely. Keep checking back (through RSS if you want) for more.
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