...my design teacher needs to get laid...

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...my design teacher needs to get laid...

Postby Hüva » 2005.02.03 8:56 pm

...or at least that's how larson would put it...i would just say that he's making me really fucking sad...but that's just my spin on it...

critiques also make me sad...especially on projects that heather did not finish (have the mount set up, but didn't have time to mount my piece)...but if he had beridden me for that, i would have been okay...but it was a flipping critique!!...just because i say something (((constructively))) negative about another piece does not mean that "well i think that some students may feel that they stuck very closely to the criteria, and therefore felt they were limited and are angry that their projects came out looking ugly...whereas some others worked creatively within the criteria, that's not to say that their project is poorly suited to the assignment"

ooh...i just...OOOH... :evil: *fuming* alright, this is my unbiased opinion...


and that's all i said...it really was a great piece (in a thundercats sort of way), but i felt that way before the critique (hence before mine turned out "ugly" and i would just like to go on record that it's a DAMN kewt octopus and i was very happy with it), when i saw the piece in progress...we had to make an image using only circles, squares, and triangles and had to maintain the integrity of the shapes...we could combine shapes as long as the compound shapes made up no more than 10% of the image...the student's piece looked like she had taken a wolf and squished it to fit that format...yes, it worked...yes, it looked artistic...all i said was that while it looked very good, it may have been better suited to another assignment...its like she had worked to MAKE it fit the assignment, instead of coming up with something with the project in mind...*waves arms* that is a very non-insulting and CREATIVELY CRITICAL thing to say...hell, he had even said that about one of the examples he showed us before we started...

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