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Pointless TV sighting.

Posted: 2004.05.24 8:30 pm
by DoomCraft

Pointless tv? No... it's a sham.

Posted: 2004.05.24 9:37 pm
by Jeff
I saw that a while back when I googled pointless tv. I'm glad they're now defunct, or they'd have rights to the name.

Posted: 2004.05.24 9:43 pm
by DoomCraft
What was up with that, or was it just some hopeless attempt at stealing your future?

Posted: 2004.05.24 11:02 pm
by melon
is that legal?

Posted: 2004.05.24 11:11 pm
by Jeff
Dave: Dunno. They had a RealAudio show back in the day for gamers. Only toward the end did they have video and they called it "PointlessTV" not "Pointless TV". Not like it really matters anyway,

Mary: I don't know what you're talking about, but they were there first.

Posted: 2004.05.24 11:17 pm
by melon
its just a few words. just nod your head the say yes, mary.