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The Dark Knight Rises

Posted: 2012.07.20 8:56 pm
by playswithflowers

I'm not a Christian Bale as Batman fan, because of the grumble lisp, but Tom took me to a 3:40 a.m. showing at an IMAX in Fitchburg.

People have been freaking out about giving away anything, so I'll hold my comments for now.

Re: The Dark Knight Rises

Posted: 2012.07.29 7:18 pm
by Red
I liked it. The grumble lisp is a completely different argument but I liked the movie. It felt very separate from the first two, in regards to plot and characters. In the plot line 8 years passed and I thought they portrayed that well.

It did feel slow at times. It's a long movie and there's a lot of unnecessary buildup and filler to get to the end. I think Christoper Nolan has done a wonderful job with the trilogy but there are a decent amount of scenes they could have probably cut without any major plot points being missed.

From an acting standpoint I thought Michael Caine did a hell of a job. This movie obviously isn't his first rodeo but he played his role well. One thing I've always liked about the Batman franchise being rebooted is Alfred got much more screentime.

The first two movies I like better but I thought Christopher Nolan wrapped up the franchise in a positive light.


Re: The Dark Knight Rises

Posted: 2012.08.09 3:00 pm
by playswithflowers
I liked it, as someone who knows little about the comics. I heard many of the original readers were not thrilled.

I love, love, loved Anne Hathaway as Catwoman.
Also, Tom Hardy all day, every day. His trapezius muscles looked INSANE.
I never liked Christian Bale, as you know, so him being a bit of a wussy wiener was a yawn to me.

Also this bothered me:
Doctor: Your body is fucked up, you're done.
Bale: Aww man, that sucks
*fixes leg with knee brace now able to beat up 275 pound men*

I love Michael Caine as Alfred so much.

Also Joseph Gordon Levitt as hipster-ey batman? Count me in.