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Postby shyhell » 2004.11.05 1:25 pm

a perfect circle.

i heart them.
as a whole, i think they are a great band. perhaps not a band for everyone, but they're one of my favorite current bands.
i've seen them live twice...and they put out a great mood. lights and effects are thought out better than any other live show i've seen.. even from the last row of a huge concert hall.

their new album, eMOTIVe, is interesting to me to say the least. i don't consider it their best or worst album. In fact, i hardly consider it a true album... it's a compilation of two of their original works, with the rest being covers as interpreted by the band. It's an anti-war album, of sorts. but not nearly as upfront and blunt as others that have already been released. I really don't know how to explain it. I haven't really established my opinion on this album yet, i'd like to hear other opinions.
Check out 'imagine' [a beatles cover], 'fiddle and the drum', and 'passive' [it almost seems very tool-esque, or more like apc's first album 'mer de noms'.] to get a good overview of the album.
if there were no rewards to reap
loving embrace to see me through
this tedious path i've chosen here
i certainly would've walked away by now

i'm gonna wait it out.

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