Computer electricity

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Computer electricity

Postby hippo » 2005.01.22 2:07 pm

I come before the Nerd Council for their wisdom and advice in computers.

To save on electricity I've wanted to start setting sleep modes for the computer and monitor.
Question1: Is it a hinderance to completely turn off the monitor or computer tower profusely. I remember being told by my brother when we had a mac that its okay to to turn off for the night, but restarting a lot can wear down the hardware. I know that restarting a mac is good for it though because the HD reorganizes.
Question2: All in all what's good advice for leaving on and turning off computers/monitors to minimize "damage" and electricity usage.
This is pretty open to comment. Right now we're using Windows XP on Gateway hardware.
Monitor: EV700 Tower: Pentium(R) 4 CPU 1400MHz
1.4 GHz
256 MB of RAM
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Postby Kage » 2005.01.22 6:05 pm

Leaving the computer on sleepmode will probably save you electricity, I'm not sure though because I just leave my computer on. And I don't see anything wrong with shutting your computer down as long as you use start -> shutdown.

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Postby Jeff » 2005.01.23 2:57 pm

Assuming we're talking about CRT (tube) monitors, the main difference between shutting one down completely (pressing the button, that is) and putting it into sleep mode is that when you shut it off, it will manually degauss itself. That's not neccisarily bad. Although some believe it damages monitors over time, I've never seen it happen.

Setting your monitor into sleep mode will cause no long-term damage. I use it instead of a screen saver. Also, depending on your monitor, you may not need to push the button to turn it off when your PC is off. Most go into a suspend mode that consumes very little power.

As for your PC, turning it off every night shouldn't damage it. You can even set a hibernation mode that saves your memory state to the hard drive so you boot up exactly where you left off, saving time and energy.

The best way to save power on a PC though is to purchase a low wattage power supply (but not too low that it can't power all of your devices); most home users will never need more than 300w, and some can probably go lower. A more expensive, but even more energy-efficient upgrade is an LCD (flat-panel) monitor. LCDs use considerably less power than CRT monitors, both in and out of sleep modes.

Hope this helps.
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