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And you thought the DMCA was scary?

Posted: 2005.01.24 6:31 am
by Jeff
Read this. Read all of it. I just did, and it scared the shit out of me. The implications for open-source or free anything are end-of-the-world scale. This is quite possibly the most evil computing initiative I've ever seen outside of a movie. And the worst part is, it's already happening.

Posted: 2005.01.25 1:36 am
by JHGNate
What the fuck. What the fuck. What the fuck. Although I love Intel, I also hate them for starting this.

Posted: 2005.01.25 3:22 am
by Jeff
I don't think you can blame any one person or corporation for starting this, but it's the major players that are going to decide how severe and widespread this will get. I expect some sort of resistance from the general public, no matter how much they try to sweeten the deal.
For example, sociologists, economists, and all other sorts of educated -ists have predicted that by now we would be living in a cashless society. I'm sorry, but the convenience of the debit card will never replace the simplicity, and more importantly, the anonymity of cold, hard cash. What, are you going to pay your babysitter through some futuristic version of PayPal, automatically adding her measly $2/hour to her taxable, traceable income? Anonymity is one of our most important, but least mentioned freedoms, and when it gets taken away, you're going to see a shitstorm.

Posted: 2005.01.25 10:36 am
by Red
I'm still waiting for Skynet to take over the world. :)

Posted: 2005.01.25 12:25 pm
by JHGNate
I'm still waiting for lilredman to take over the world. :)

Posted: 2005.01.25 6:49 pm
by Red
Once I find some plutonium, I'll be set.

Posted: 2005.01.25 9:34 pm
by Kage
'Course they can try. The "internet underground" thrives, it'll be hard to break up that community no matter how much money/corporations/laws you have on your side.

It's just all one big microsoft/intel ploy, at least thats what the article puts off.

One day, people will need microsoft to flush their toilets. :roll:

Posted: 2005.01.26 4:15 pm
by Jeff
"That shit's MD5 checksum did not match the food on your nutritional intake list! Is there something you'd like to tell us?"

Posted: 2005.01.28 1:29 am
Ok you guys, you need to stifle some of the smart ass writing the words that lil_redman did about finding something. The world is changing. The link Jeff put up has one little very scary part to me, but it's not what Jeff was worried about...
The scary thing is the date of 1972 and the link by the aer forse. Cryptic misspelling included.
Oh fuck it.
1972 saw the birth of CRONUS which stands for Credit Reporting Online Network Utility System. In mythology Cronus/Kronus took over heaven and earth. Cronus is the acronym used by Fair Isaac, an independent, non-regulated (NON-REGULATED)corporation which oversees the distribution of loans/rates/credit scores and is now in practically every country in the world. If you go to the bank for a loan, you will get a credit score which is based on "proprietary information". They disseminate wealth throughout the world via banks and the US government allows them to be unregulated...and don't think they won't lie about you...they will. The US government gives money to the banks at a rate, the banks mark it up based on your score. The US government is not allowed to discriminate based on race, but Fair Isaac CAN !!!!
If you want to find a classmate, or anybody, pay $30.00 for info on anybody, the info comes from 3 siblings/underlings of FI...Esperian, Trans Union or Equifax. The FBI used to Not be allowed to collect certain info on US citizens...but they could pay (I assume) one of these companies for it. The Patriot Act gave FBI, CIA etc free reign to collect info and wiretap. This is all very old news. They don't need permission to collect info anymore but also don't have all the info the credit agencies have. These companies have bought medical records and mortgage companies. They are world-wide. (this information is at my recollection and I don't have specifics but in general this is how I believe it works *disclaimer*) Anyways, things the US gvnmt could not legally do, these corporations Could do, and they were Allowed to do it. They openly discriminate on race because 'minorities have been shown to default more on loans'.
I used to do a lot of research on this before I bought a business and married a woman with 4 children, "hi Kaj".
You are ALL very smart young people with more time than I have and I'm telling you something very precious to's like a secret...I could and may write a book...this is your intro...if you think it's funny then check it out and you will realize...
Go to any one of their web sites and pose as a business and see what they offer to sell you. Try to get a loan and wonder how they arrive at your "worthiness". It's secret.
This has and sometimes still does consume me but as Jeff pointed out, it's spreading and getting worse...Cronus took over heaven and earth but was defeated by Jupiter with help. I have an old political platform for a Jupiter party but don't know if the link still exists but it's on my old hard drive...if interested...?
For some reason some of the info from these agencies would not print and links would disappear, just the side bars printed and this was years ago.
This is more than messing with downloads and software apps.
The reference to 1972 and the US military seem to be more than coincidence...but it's happening, has already happened. It's gonna get worse.
Thanks GW. It's not his fault totally but he has used 4 years and has 4 more to implement the siezure of the world...for him and his buddies...
If you are not his personal friend and voted for him then you screwed yourself.
Now fight it if you can.

Bye bye, I have to go run a business by myself.
I can't find the link...cut and paste, yuk it up, here it is (it's 5 years old):

Dear Friend, (that was in the form I used).

New Political Party: The Jupiter Party.

The impetus for the formation of this party is the failure of the present political system(s) and parties to fairly accommodate the diversity present in this country. It shall be characterized by a lack of a moral agenda except to fairly represent all of it’s citizens, promote freedom, and to not discriminate on the basis of color, religion or lack thereof, race, sex, sexual orientation, personal politics, income level, physical ability, or intelligence.

The present government has permitted Information gathering entities, Credit reporting agencies, xxx undue license to operate without regulation. They (CRAs) have been allowed to regulate themselves. As such, they are openly discriminating on the basis of the above and legal citizens do not have a legal recourse to their actions. By doing this, the government is doing an “end runâ€Â

Posted: 2005.01.28 3:00 am
The nature of the beast is data mining and control of wealth and loans and rates...they sell info to businesses and to individuals...they may decide if you get a job or not...your own job may report you to them on your behavior...
The US gvnmt allowed them all the US/FBI were purchasers also but thanks to GW, he doesn't need them to break the law for him. Now he just does it himself...GW has changed the law in the name of "terrorism"'s a free-for-all...
If you listen to public radio or the BBC our gvnmt is being compared now to the Nazis...our gvmnt is doing what Hitler did but far better and much less obviously..? In 4 years this world will be trashed...GW and his friends will own it all...and there will be no more protected forests, no more clean water, nothing.
We have become a police state run by military...and we will fall...check your history. ... -2000/page ... 05317.html ... stems.html ... +Modeling/ ... 1168652001

Posted: 2005.01.28 12:10 pm

Posted: 2005.01.28 12:52 pm
by Kage
Posted for emphasis:
It's just all one big microsoft/intel ploy, at least thats what the article puts off.

That's what I got out of the article, I'm not saying thats what you were trying to show us.

Posted: 2005.01.29 3:00 am
by Jeff
Lotta data there. I miss the paranoid rantings that used to be some commonplace around here (c'mon tigers_free) and I'm glad someone picked it up.

Two things:
1: The clock isn't off, it's just not adjusted for daylight savings. The server clock, like most server clocks, is running on the Unix timebase, and that doesn't correct for the various timezones of the earth. I'm thinking of working on a script that auto adjusts, but it makes my head hurt. For now, just adjust the timezone in your profile.
Ok you guys, you need to stifle some of the smart ass writing the words that lil_redman did about finding something. The world is changing.

Plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium plutonium ...bomb.

The government, in its various shadowy forms, is more than welcome to add hits to my site. I think we'd all have a hell of a laugh if Red got some FBI, NSA or DHS agents assigned to him. C'mon. It's a fucking forum run by dumb people for crying out loud. I don't think you need to worry about censoring us.

As for your comments on the whole TC matter, I'm still more concerned about the power it gives private corporations. The iron grip of "Big Government" has been a conspiracist's muse for years and years. When and where and how the shit will hit the fan remains the be seen, but I will grant you that it will. However, this kind of content control and competition discouragement has no place in the private sector. I have no problem shopping at Wal-Mart as long as they sell quality items that I can get anywhere else if I wanted to. If Wal-Mart items started being as "elitist" as TC-based hardware and software (i.e. if my socks refused to work with my shoes from Kohls, which I liked better than the shoes Wal-Mart had to offer) well, I'd be more than a little upset.
But as long as it kept to choking out competition through strategic locations and low prices, go Wal-Mart.

If you want to talk about monopolies, look at the USPS. Fuck that! I'd rather trust my mail to a private courier, like UPS or Fedex. I just wish it were more practical.

Posted: 2005.01.29 3:11 am
by Jeff
By the way, if the Jupiter Party is into revitalizing the hemp industry, I'm in. Do you have any idea how many benefits would come from having a major hemp supply in the US? (Note: I've never smoked pot, so back off from the "He's just a determined stoner" angle)
It'd create an environmentally and economically cleaner, more efficient paper industry, hemp rope is stronger than most modern synthetics and would most likely be cheaper (thanks, DuPont, for unleashing rayon on the world), and hemp farms would be extremely profitable. Think how long it takes to reforest for paper purposes, and think of how many hemp harvests you could have in that time.

Thanks to the "reefer madness" scare and the rise of synthetics (and DuPont's deals with the government to create the restrictive "Hemp Tax"), we've never had a hemp industry in the US.

Damn hippies. They make hemp look crazy. But you'd be hard pressed to tell a processed hemp shirt from a rayon or polyester one. And the statistics on using hemp pulp over wood pulp are amazing. So yeah. Go Jupiter party, especially if you like the ganj.

Posted: 2005.01.29 2:45 pm
I posted some of this but is didn't show up so I'm re-doing it...
What you don't want to find is a lead box...with some in it...
If you do want to find some, look in the center of all the dead things; if you pick it up you will be dead within hours.
...and if you had been alive in the 40's our gvnmt may have obliged you by injecting you with some.

If you want more on how well this world is going, check any of or all this link and bring a puke-bucket: ... 99&t=36789

Stream this show:
CLIP: (January 28th, 2005)
Randi gets freeped, again. The Republicans just won't admit that we're committing torture.

this is the link she mentions of everything: ... 13962&c=36

Posted: 2005.01.31 10:34 am
by Red
No, it did show up. I just deleted it. I deleted it again because there's no sense in having the same post twice in one topic. I felt like being humourous when I posted that previous post. Bad timing, I'll agree. But it's there anyway. Why it bothered you so much is beyond me, but opinions are like assholes and everybody's got one.

Ahem. Back on topic. For the record, worrying about a college student posting the word plutonium in fear of what our government will do is either extreme paranoia or clues in to just how bad our government really is. If anyone is that worried to speak their mind, joke around, whatever, I pity you. It's a pretty sad way to live.

And if what Jeff said about the Jupiter party is true, I'm all for it. I've already had my rant about hemp, so I won't say it twice.