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IT Converstaions

Posted: 2004.08.04 12:47 am
by nrunge
I strongly suggest that anyone interested in IT check out The Gilmore Gang is good for talk of OSS and Philip Greenspun has a great interview about security. They also provide links to Lawrence Lessig's free book that has been turned into an audio book. For those of you who dont know who Lawrence Lessig is....well you should, he is the Professor of Law who is currently writing the books on intellectual property. Some of this stuff might be a tad dry if you arent as big of a geek as I am...but there are some of us who want to be filthy rich someday :]

Posted: 2004.08.04 7:07 am
by Jeff
Granted I should be mature enough to look past this by now, but was no one going to say anything about this guy's last name?

Posted: 2004.08.04 12:39 pm
by nrunge
No we cant look past his last name, nor his haircut. I could be in a old folks home....I would still laugh at a guy if his name was Cockburn.