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listing available web pages on a server

Posted: 2004.08.13 1:25 am
by nrunge
Ok there was this former co-worker of mine who recently got fired (I can't give details Im afraid) but because of certain sanity issues this kid had I am seriously concerned for my safety at work. He posts alot on his blog which is now down and I want to read the damn thing. i think that he just re-named the html file. I was curious, is there a way to list all of the files in a public web directory?

Posted: 2004.08.13 11:53 am
by Jeff
You kind of leave too many open variables with that question... It'd help to see the site, just so I'd know more about it. Because it is possible, but it depends on what server software is running and what options for the server are enabled.. PM me with a detail or two, and I'll see what I can do.

And checking your PMs wouldn't be a bad idea. It'd let me have Doom 3, for one. :]

Posted: 2004.08.13 7:14 pm
by Jeff
Well, I sent a PM back... Despite my best efforts, they weren't really neccisary. :] The page is back up now.

I wish I knew more of the backstory. From what I can tell from his blog, this kid's nuts.

Posted: 2004.08.13 10:15 pm
by nrunge
Yeah he is one of those kids that is a "victim" of society becuase he must think that everyone else has perfect lives. Anyone who knows my family history knows that it is anything but and I never let that bother me. But please educate me. What web serving software is able to be exploited in this way and what options were you talking about. This area of security is one that I am pretty ignorant about and would love to learn a little bit more.

Posted: 2004.08.13 10:30 pm
by Jeff
Well, some hosts have their WHM software set up oddly so that public FTP mirrors the web site. It works well that way. And since it's a blog that's not locally hosted, getting into it would be easy if I only knew a little more about It was letting me into topics that were older and I had the reference numbers for from Google's cache.

Also, for some reason, some hosts let you get into the root folder if you start in a subdirectory with no index.html and select "up one folder".

I dunno. I just try all sorts of random things. I'm generally good at finding things online. There's no real pattern about it.

It's not just that he's a victim, he's a drama queen/attention whore/victim. Those people bother me more than most. My life has had it's share of ups and downs, but I'm not going to mope around feeling sorry for myself. I have no sympathy for those with suicidal tendancies, since it's really selfish if you think about it, and self-serving people make for shitty friends. This guy's ex doesn't seem like much of a prize either.

If only these dumb fuckers had the conviction to follow through on their negative thoughts. It's not like we need them around and breeding anyway. Bastards.

Posted: 2004.08.15 1:46 am
by nrunge
I have no sympathy for those with suicidal tendancies, since it's really selfish if you think about it

Suicide and rehab are for quitters :]