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Postby Kage » 2004.11.12 10:42 pm

All I can is, :fu:. Except that just isn't serious enough. I'm thinking on starting a site to stand againstly MAVAV. Fuckers. I can actively stand, intellectually so, against something I believe in. What do you think? gamersrights .com, .org, .net whatever, but I really can't stand that. MAVAV. Mothers seem to have many a problems, don't they?

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Postby Jeff » 2004.11.13 12:39 am

Mothers seem to be against everything lately.

Video game addiction, like any other addiction, is unhealthy, of course. But that's not the fault of the gaming industry. That's the fault of a family that has no communication, among other things. The problem with groups like these is that they're always opposing the wrong thing.

Look at the point they make: When one becomes a gaming junkie, to be fully accepted by the "gaming underground", one is expected to only illegally obtain games. Legitimate purchase is grounds for removal from the "underground."

This coming from the same group who say gaming is a more lucrative industry than film or music.

And what is there solution? Make games less accessible to the people who want them. This isn't done by actually taking an active interest in the world your child lives in and attempting to become an informed and important part of it. Oh no. These mothers spend too much time crusading to make the world better for their children to actually spend time with them or get to know them. No, this is done by failed and wasted efforts to remove games from store shelves, or apply restricted ratings to the game.

So here you have this kid, his parents only care about him enough to protect him from the world; they don't see him as intelligent enough to determine between right and wrong. That's going to create resentment. C'mon. Your own parents don't believe in you. They think you're so stupid and naive that a violent video game will turn you into a miscreant. So, if you just want a game because you like it, Halo 2 for example, not because it's violent, you're going to have to find some subversive way to get your hands on it. After all, you can't explain your motives or general understanding to your parents. They've already decided this for you and don't believe in your ability to think for yourself.

So who wins? Crusading groups like this, with their current motivations and methods of action, create more and more distance between themselves and their children, and possibly make things worse down the road than if they never attempted to do anything.


Why are people so stupid? Communicate with your kids. Spend time with them, not fighting some empty symbolic cause for them. And give them a little more credit.

I played violent video games all the time growing up. I can see how to an emotionally disturbed young person with no positve outlet for their angst might be making their situation worse, but the average kid who has healthy relationships in their life? They'll be fine.

The problem isn't that the emotionally disturbed kid plays video games, it's that they've got social problems in the first place. Those may be fed by music, TV, movies and video games, but that's not what plants them. The root of these problems is almost always traced to the young person's family, and the level of healthy communication there. Stop protecting your kids from the world when it's really you they need protection from.
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