X3 Pinout

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X3 Pinout

Postby Jeff » 2005.02.23 8:55 pm

Never know when obscure stuff might bring hits to a site. Here's the pinout to the X3 switch (a component for an Xbox mod) that I figured out since I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet.

Note: I consider pin (or wire) #1 to be the one by the triangle symbol on the wire connector. The first number corresponds to the connector on the X3, the second number set is for the connectors for the switch panel.

01 J3:05 Flash Protect Switch
02 J3:04 (Not Used)
03 J3:03 LAN Activity 3.3v
04 J3:02 HDD Activity 3.3v
05 J3:01 Mod Enabled 3.3v
06 J2:07 Mod Disabled 3.3v
07 J2:06 BIOS Bank 1 Switch
08 J2:05 BIOS Bank 2 Switch
09 J2:04 BIOS Bank 3 Switch
10 J2:03 BIOS Bank 4 Switch
11 J2:02 Ground
12 J2:01 Unknown (there are traces for this one on the switch panel, but has no apparent use: the traces aren't connected to anything)

I've utilized this while wiring my new crystal Xbox case. Pix to come soon.
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