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Zoom Zoom Splash

Postby Jeff » 2004.03.09 12:00 am

Well, I got my license back this weekend. It's a very strange victory. It's not like I re-earned it, so it's not a feeling of accomplishment... It's almost like finishing a prison term.
I'm surprised at how well the damn Taurus is doing. It still shifts like it has narcolepsy, but I can deal with that. The big problem now is night vision. The headlights are for shit... I need to get a hold of some of the ultra-clear versions, but they don't come cheap. The need for these was most apparent Friday night when I was wandering aimlessly across the Dodge county highway system and damn near wiped out in a puddle.
This was no ordinary puddle, mind you. This puddle was covering the road and was at least 8 feet wide. I'd guess it was a foot deep at it's center. Anyway, cresting a hill at 55mph with a 60 degree turn coming up, the puddle and I were formally introduced, much too late for me to make any course corrections. Fearing death, I... well, didn't do anything. Which was odd. I think I chalked it up to irony and accepted my fate. Anyway, long story short, I skipped across it like a black Ford stone and emerged wet but safe on the other side.
Ahh, to drive again.
I do what I can.

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