Amoco, BP, and my contempt.

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Amoco, BP, and my contempt.

Postby Jeff » 2004.04.03 1:15 am

Remember what an Amoco used to look like? Why the hell did they all turn green? OK, I can understand that acquiring a company can make you want to enact some changes to make your mark, but why in the hell did BP have to redesign every Amoco station in America? People liked Amoco and trusted it. As far as I know, it wasn't struggling or anything...
Isn't the point of capitalist business to make money, not blow it all away? Think of how many Amocos there are in the US. Now think about how much it must have cost to turn them all green. It doesn't add up; WHO WINS HERE?! It's so stupid!! BP gets to smile, since its big green sun is all over the damn place now, but imagine what else they could have done with that money... Lower gas prices by 5 cents to totally fuck their competition? I don't care if it's illegal. If WalMart can do it, everyone should be able to.
I guess the only thing that came out of this is that some of the BPs are getting their big gas price signs replaced with LED boards. This saves paying some dolt $5.15 an hour to poke the numbers with a plunger on a stick. But I've only seen this on about 3 stores across Wisconsin, and that's a pretty small percentage of the BPs I've seen.
People are stupid. Big businesses, listen up. Next time you're going to blow millions on a pointless facelift, give me $50,000 first, and I'll smile through the whole, stupid process.

Note for those who have heard all this before:
Yeah, this is an old rant, but I never took the time to type it out before. Maybe now I can shut up when I drive by a BP.
I do what I can.

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