My Musical Weekend

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My Musical Weekend

Postby Jeff » 2004.04.25 11:10 pm

Wow. I've had some fun times these past few days.

It started on Thursday night, when I drove some friends (three of which are forum members) down to an Air concert at The Rave in Milwaukee. While waiting for the concert in a nearby McDonalds, we were approached by a stereotypical crackhead looking for cash. Petey met him later than the rest of us and actually gave him a taped-up dollar. As we we're walking back to the rave, we saw the crackhead run into a parking car and limp around, pretending he got hit. Gotta love downtown.

The concert itself was great. The opening band was an odd little group called The Mosquitos. The lead singer girl was wearing a Marla-from-Fight Club dress that was constantly inches from falling off. The guitarist kept flirting with her throughout the performance. I hope for the band's sake, they never fight, or it'd be a very different show. The songs were OK, but I just wanted to see Air. I didn't know what to expect from a mostly electronic group, but that was because I forgot how much Air uses guitar in their music. So it was nice. And it was loud and everything, like a concert should be, but we had a pretty calm crowd, and the music was surprisingly clear. My ears didn't even care afterwards.

When it was over, I was happy to find my car nice and not-broken-in-to. We had some backwards adventures finding Clint's brother's place afterwards, but we eventually made it. About halfway home though, I was pulled over. I was going 80 on the freeway which didn't impress the officer on duty. He was very nice though, and I only got a warning. If I had gotten that ticket, my insurance would kill me, my parents would kill me, and my license would take another six month sabbatical. So thank you, officer. I owe you a nice lunch.


After a boring Friday at school, I was off to my next adventure: Muse in Chicago. Alyssa came along, and we met up with Shelby, Dave, and Heather (all forum members! woohoo!) in Mayville. We made it down to Dave's place in Milwaukee with out incident, and he drove us the rest of the way. After getting passed by an Illinois psycho in the breakdown lane, and only getting lost a few times, we made it to the Metro. I wish we had bought extra tickets, because about 10-20 people were buzzing around begging for them. The Metro was pretty cool. It was set up a lot like the Eagles Ballroom in the Rave, but it was a bit smaller. I hung out near the soundboards because I didn't feel like moshing and I'm pretty sure Alyssa didn't either. The opening band was called The Exit, and they were actually pretty decent. Dave bought the CD, which I plan on xeroxing. The guitar player looked like Hendrix. It was quite fun. Another cool thing was that the music they piped in while the roadies set up Muse included Don't Be Light by Air. Anyway, Muse starts up, and I realize three things:
1: The Air concert was downright quiet. Afterwards, my head felt the same as it did when a truck tire exploded at work.
2: Air put on quite a light show. Muse had lights and everything, but there was a big difference.
3: These aren't fans, they're fanatics. Everyone knew all of the words, and people were going absolutely crazy. It was quite a show. I was just glad to hear Newborn and Bliss live.

We made it back just fine, except I was trying to get wired for my part of the drive home (the 3:00am to 4:30am drive home) so I started making up voices and songs and generally drove Hüva to the brink of insanity. I think it was worth it, though. That was the most fun I've had in a long time.
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