My gay, retarded rant.

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My gay, retarded rant.

Postby Jeff » 2004.06.28 10:48 pm

"Shut up, Fag!"
"This is gay..."
"Stop being so retarded!"

There are few things in life that bother me more than when people describe things they don't like as gay or retarded. These are usually the people who use fag as their most common insult. Read on, and you might all learn a valuable vocabulary lesson.

Gay. Once an innocuous word prominent in music and poetry, it now stands for the homosexual lifestyle. Some of you are also under the impression that it is a word you can use to describe a situation you don't find enjoyable. Well, you're wrong, fuckjacks. Nothing is more crude and revelatory of a simple mind than using "gay" to deride something. Get more creative, or just shut the fuck up.

Retarded. If you're saying that something has been delayed, you're in the clear. You're stupid, but in the clear. If you use "retarded" to express dismay, then you're a dumbass as well. It's not good enough for you to blatantly bash an entire concept of sexual identity with your limited vocabulary, is it? No! You feel the need to bring the mentally handicapped into this. By equating a bad situation to someone with Down's Syndrome, you're reminding them what a social outcast you think they are. Way to go, asshole!

Fag. This is just overused. There are so many more clever things to call someone. If you want to imply they're homosexual, try cocksucker. It's more satisfying to say. If you want to insult them, try insulting their family. That's usually good for a reaction. But quit saying fag, ass-hat.

I wanted this to be more structured and interesting to read, but fuck that. I'm certainly not politically correct, but I just cant stand gay, retarded, and fag in the negative context. You'll never win an argument if you use one of those words; you'll just end up looking like a drunken, raving redneck.

So shut the hell up.
I do what I can.

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