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Postby Jeff » 2004.11.30 2:47 am

That's a word whose meaning is becoming less and less definite to me lately. I feel as much at home here in good ol' UWO as I do back with my parents. Kind of makes me wonder what apartment living will bring to the table next year.

Anyway, I went home--by this I mean Mayville-- for the turkey break and had a pretty decent experience.

Friday/Saturday: Left for my parents' and spent most of the weekend reclaiming my bedroom from its gradual and creeping state of storage. I also tackled my tool situation in the garage, which, in sub-freezing temperatures, was not all that fun. Spent most of the time trying to pull apart huge wire snags with frozen fingers.

Sunday: I drove up to Puckaway and spent some time with Dad. He had been up there since Friday and had already bagged two deer. I got some work done in my trailer and got some stuff out to take back to school. I tried playing Xbox out there during the Packer game by holding my controller over a space heater, but I just ended up with very hot hands and very cold thumbs. I need to get the oil heater for that place hooked up. It's ridiculous how cold it gets in there.

Monday/Tuesday: Woke up much too early to cut boards for the shelf I needed to build for the dorm. Had a great, big, greasy breakfast and left for UWO to shower and go to my one class for the week. I ended up taking two trips to Menards to get screws and particle board for the shelving, but I got it all done by dark. Now we have room for a couch if we can find one. The privilege of having your own method of transportation is beautiful.

Speaking of which, Lyssa got her new car over the weekend. It's a 2003 Ford Focus with about 16,000 miles on it. It's nice, and it comes with a CD/MP3 player, which seems to be getting more and more common straight from the factory. I don't think the RIAA will be winning the war against unencrypted digital music any time soon.

Anyway, I drove back to Mayville that night and spent most of the next day cleaning the house. Fun.

Wednesday: After finishing chores, I tagged along with Petey to pick up Ryan in Milwaukee. His latest stab at affluence is a $1,000, 6.3 Megapixel, Canon Digital Rebel. Fun toy. We stayed up at his dad's house back in Mayville 'til about 6am playing with the camera, his laptop, and my Xbox.

Thursday: Kind of uneventful. Linda, Dennis, Bob and Mike came over and we had our ever shrinking family get-together. As usual, Bob and I ignored Mike and just watched TV. It's kind of depressing to watch Bob turn into a stereotype though. He seems to get worse every time I see him. Way to go Bob: Sex without love, drinking, fast, overpriced and under-performing ricers, and every trendy piece of clothing money can buy. You're finally living the dream...

I ended up full and tired and played Def Jam late into the night.

Friday: Finished organizing my tools and brought them into the house. I finally made sense of my room, but I can be assured that by Christmas it will be thoroughly unnavigable again. Hung out with Petey, Travis, Luke, Butch and Ryan most of the night. We went to a party at Merkes' where most of us realized how out of touch with Mayville we've become. It was just awkward to be around all the "little kids".

It was also a bitch to see how popular "geek chic" is becoming. Sure. I get to be in one of the last age groups that gets ridiculed for being a nerd. Now it's celebrated. How did I miss it? Bah. High school sucked but it's over. So screw it.

We reconvened at Ryan's dad's and I was the last to leave. It's too bad we don't get to hang out more often. Ryan hasn't changed at all.

Didn't do much. Just burned my fingers trying to solder and hot glue. Xbox modding sucks. I"m going to order a bunch of LEDs and resistors though and see what I can put together. I've got all of my tools up at the dorm now, so it's just a matter of getting bored enough.
I finally fixed the front inputs on my receiver which makes me very happy. It'd suck to have something permanently broke on that expensive monstrosity.
Well, Lyssa drove up and had supper with me and my parents. We left for Oshkosh Sunday night and I got everything stuffed away. After spending some time with Lyssa, I started working on DataTiki again. Fell asleep early and woke up early. I started working on the site again and Jeremy came in around 8:30 in the morning. Went to class, worked on the site again, and now I'm here writing more than anyone will ever read. This stupid webjournal is becoming Live and Xangafied. Huzzah. Well, it gives me something to write anyway, since I can't seem to think of anything original or interesting for a story.
Ok, I'm done now.
I do what I can.

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