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My kind of math.

Postby Jeff » 2005.03.05 3:46 am

I just found out that living off campus in the apartment that Jeremy, Mike, Petey and I are going to be renting next year will be cheaper than living in the dorms. Not just "relatively" cheaper (like taking into consideration the fact that we'd be living there 52 weeks out of the year instead of just 31, and all of the convieniences and personal freedoms that we wouldnt get in dorms) but the total years' rent of the apartment will actually be less than two semesters worth of res hall fees.

Next year, this is how the res hall costs break down:
31 total weeks of residency

Bring on the apartment!
$225/month ($800 rent + $100 cable/internet bill split 4 ways)
$2,700 - year
52 total weeks of home sweet home

So, needless to say, I'm happier about the apartment than I've ever been. I can't wait to get the hell out of the dorms. Living in a 10' x 16' room with another person is something no free human being should be asked to endure for two years. Nothing against either of the roommates I've had up until now, (they're going to be in the apartment too, so I obviously don't mind having them around) but I've spent my last winter in a poorly ventilated, dry, cramped cell.

I can't wait until September 1st!!!

Well, ok, I can. We've gotta have a group sit-down one of these days to hammer out how to handle bills, how and when we plan on paying, who takes care of the cable bill, we've got to call the landlord with questions, call TimeWarner with questions, and try to get into an apartment to get measurements among many, many other things. But once that's all out of the way, things will be looking very up indeed.
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Postby Guest » 2005.09.12 5:08 pm

hey jeff. congrats! i hope you are happy!!!!




Postby Guest » 2005.09.30 8:52 pm

March're ok right? lol. Probably just busy. I feel kinda wierd cuz I don't really know you all THAT well, but I'm becoming addicted to reading other peoples blogs. I started at 6 and look down to see that it's 7:50 already. Hey, remember that time on the way back from a choir trip and we stopped at a gas station? You followed me to the candy section and told me that you had a huge crush on me. I didn't know you well enough to know that you had a girlfriend so I believed you. Bastard! I felt really dumb. Hehe. Goodtimes in highschool.

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