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Misty Mountain Hop

Postby Jeff » 2005.10.28 3:10 pm

Yeah, that title doesn't make sense... I just like the song. Anyway, I haven't much to say, but I've been rather lax in my postings so I figured one was about due.

Last night I went to Wal Mart with Tuck and noticed that Oshkosh has been blessed with an Xbox 360 kiosk. Well, I picked up the familiar controller, played through the menus, and, while it's pretty and shiny, I was kind of disappointed. I'm sure the system's potential is still mostly untapped, but the demo of Call of Duty: Insert Sequel Title Here looked like it could have run on my PC. And that's not too impressive. I've got a GeForce 3 Ti500, and while it's quite the trooper for a 5 year old card (it handles Quake 4 at 1280x1024 decently), it certainly isn't the pinnacle of graphics achievement. Here's hoping that by the PS3 launch next summer, some developers actually figure out what to do with all that hardware. (and bunnie hacks the newer, tougher security)

Well, soon I'll be in Madison for some Halloween interestingness. Mike and I just got done compiling the Time Life Drunken Music Celebration Collection. That's right, folks. This 3 CD set contains such classics as Chumbawamab's "Tubthumping", the RBF classic, "Beer", and many more fun numbers to belt out off-key. Now available for the low, low price of Free! (Thanks, MP3 collection.)
So yeah, we've got almost 60 songs to keep us company. Should be a good time. I'll likely have a long post full of memory holes and digital photos come Monday.

Peace out, readers.
I do what I can.

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