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Postby shyhell » 2004.11.15 6:58 pm

so Hüva and i went to see Muse last night at the rave.. lets just say that we would have been much happier had we left after the opening band.

The Zutons opened for Muse. they were the best opener that i ever saw open up for a main band that i actually wanted to see...if that makes sense?
their sound? they have elements jazz, swing, and those o so popular 'The _____' bands... and they have a chick that plays saxophone. heh
they are, without completely mimicking their sound, the white stripes. but considering that they have five members in their band, their overall sound, especially live, is more complete..

check out their debut album. ' who killed the zutons '
it's fun. in a twelve dollar plastic package.
if there were no rewards to reap
loving embrace to see me through
this tedious path i've chosen here
i certainly would've walked away by now

i'm gonna wait it out.

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