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ROM Code Listing

Postby Jeff » 2005.02.19 2:06 am

Anyone who's ever downloaded a rom can probably appreciate this. I was trying to figure out what [!] meant in a rom title, and I got a little more than I bargained for.

[!] Verified Good Dump
[a] Alternate
[b] Bad Dump
[BF] Bung Fix
[c] Checksum
[C] Color
[f] Fixed
[h] Hack
[M] Mono Only
[o] Overdump
[p] Pirate
[S] Super
[t] Trained
[T] Translation
[x] Bad Checksum
(###) Checksum
(-) Unknown Country
(??k) ROM Size
(1) Japan
(1) Japan & Korea
(4) USA
(4) USA & BrazilNTSC
(5) NTSC Only
(8) PAL Only
(A) Australia
(Adam) ADAM Version
(B) non USA
(B) non USA (Gen)
(C) China
(E) Europe
(F) France
(FC) French Canadian
(FN) Finland
(G) Germany
(GR) Greece
(HK) Hong Kong
(I) Italy
(J) Japan
(K) Korea
(M#) Multilanguage (# of Languages)
(NL) Netherlands
(NP) Nintendo Power
(PAL) Euro Version
(PC10) PlayChoice 10
(PD) Public Domain
(S) Spain
(ST) Sufami Turbo
(SW) Sweden
(UK) England
(Unk) Unknown Country
(Unl) Unlicensed
ZZZ_ Unclassified

Whee! I'm sorting my SNES and NES collections into something more manageable, and this has helped immensely.
I do what I can.

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