a blount hi

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a blount hi

Postby melon » 2005.05.27 8:31 am

hey everyone, why hello, hola amigo, whuts up g-dog, howdy country pumpkin...

Hola, hola, (OH-lah) says hello in Spanish
Hejsan, hejsan, (HEY-sun) that's the word in Swedish
Jambo, jambo, (JAHM-boh) says it in Swahili
Bonjour, bonjour, (bohn-zhoor) says hello in French
Privet, privet, (preev-YET) that's the word in Russian

Ni hao, ni hao, (nee how) says it in Chinese
Shalom, shalom, (sha-lome) says hello in Hebrew
Salaam, salaam in (sah-lahm) Arabic and Persian
Annyong , annyong, (ahn-yohng) says it in Korean
Konnichiwa, konnichiwa, (Ko-nee-chee-wa) says hello in Japanese

Sawubona, sawubona, (saw-oo-BOH-nah) that's the word in Zulu
Prijatno, prijatno, (pree-yat-no) says it in Macedonian
Namaste, namaste, (nah-MUS-stay) says hello in Hindi
Dzien dobry, dzien dobry, (JEEN-do-bri) that's the word in Polish
Aloha, aloha, says it in Hawaiian

think of any others let me know...i'm bored at school on my last day.
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