Well, that's just weird.

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Well, that's just weird.

Postby Jeff » 2009.06.23 10:17 pm

One year to the day since I last posted? How 'bout that.

I've got some plans to sort of rejoin the online world on my own terms... Something about "social networking" sites seems to rub me the wrong way, so I'll just keep everything on my own servers and domains. I suppose it's the online equivalent of having a fort.

Here are a few of the works in progress...

Basically an online port of my iPhoto albums. I want to have full-resolution photos stored in the cloud, but I'm too lazy to start the upload process.

I want to continue writing and I think it would be useful if I were under the impression, however dubious, that I have an audience, so posting is a must.

I wasn't kidding when I said "a few". I don't have much in mind. It's nice to hit "Publish Post" again, though.

Until next time.
I do what I can.

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