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Postby Jeff » 2012.02.22 9:41 pm

I'm actually pretty dumb when it comes to any type of networking knowledge beyond simple home or small business applications. But Windows 7 makes setting up a VPN remarkably easy, assuming you know just enough to make it work.

I changed my home network from a 192.168.1 based setup to 192.168.2, since trying to connect from the outside with a similar network caused collisions. Once I did that and got the protocols right, I could run my laptop at work as if I were at home, with local access to my router, NAS drives, and any non-forwarded VNC ports.

And this works both ways. I intend to set up a different IP range for each of the stores I manage and I'll be able to tunnel in, use the printers, whatever. Its a nice compliment to VNC.

There are a lot of businesses that have an IT arsenal just large enough to require management but not big enough to need traditional server/client setups with a centralized login and permission structure. That's the market I like.
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